There was a time you and I could gaze at the sky

Entities of unmatched energy blissfully intertwined

Unheard magic

A phenomenon too farfetched to image

Yet the powers that be brought our opposites into orbit

A cascade of romance that turned into a non-fictional story of horror

The barriers I created unintentionally disestablished

Flights of delight formed from this newly formed unition

Yet every time the alarm rang I paused

Retreating to my silent thoughts and daydreams of potential hurt

In retrospect I really would’ve been the one

Yet at the center you stood commanding all of my space

Never considering the fact that I run at my own pace

The power struggle turned epic

We found no common ground to appreciate our own creations

The love dissipated, faded and quickly turned jaded

Leaving dents in a soul that only wanted to be whole

The broken pieces laid motionless waiting to be restored

Our communication ceased to exist

Our minds never disconnected

Constantly wondering if you really meant the words I love you

Yet here I am orbiting, without you

Whispers of your voice replay like a heart felt anthem

This space filled with aches unwilling to accept the wrong

The fact of the matter is, after a dreadful night comes dawn

Sometimes you have to lose to see what you’ve really won

Our orbits may have shifted

Possibly entered different dimensions

Yet love has no expiration

Or maybe that’s just a fairy tale expression

One thing is certain

Fictional or not

When you find someone who makes you feel lifted

One is deemed not only immortal, but gifted