It was always a hard time to get you to see beyond the past blurred truths and remove the bandages caused from wondering into the open. You believed you’d never be taken for granted. Cherished for now and forever: Never to become a distant memory or cause for hitting the reset button. It happened: That unforeseen tragedy. That moment was real when tears slid down your cheeks and splashed against the bamboo floor of your soon to be vacant apartment you had together. Reluctantly being cold. Unable to trust even the rays the sun dispersed amongst the globe. You spent most of your life planning for the day you’d finally say “I Do” only to have it stolen because the acknowledgement of your worth was immensely ignored. So now here I am. Ready to lift your spirits. To stand by your side and turn dark skies into flashes of hope. Facing the obstacles no matter how bleak the outcome may be. Not willing to let you be free without knowing that you’re more than the reflection you see in the mirror. It may be hard, seemingly impossible even. If you can have faith I’ll be happy to show you no matter how many times the sky falls or the darkness lurks. I’ll do my best to bring you back to a place where you’re energy is always needed. We can stand tall and face it all together if you so wish to have it.