Pink Pentagrams

For some there is a constant struggle to be same gender loving, so much to the point that some of them even take their life. Led to believe they are abominations, beneath worthless, and undeserving of unconditional love. We’re the “udjat” amongst our heterosexual counterparts: the serpents that slither towards the Eve’s of the world. We are an agenda in which individuals delegate to determine the infrastructure of love. They put ramifications on marriage. Protesting the biblical words of higher powers that God created Man and Woman. “Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind.” Leviticus 18:22. Sometimes I wonder if such people look in mirror and how it couldn’t possibly shatter from the darkness they have inside.

How can someone sleep peacefully knowing that they condemn other fellow humankind? You think you’ll receive spiritual blessings when you cross into the next life by playing a demi-god amongst mortals? You feel you’re better because you fail to acknowledge that one sin isn’t greater than the other? Hasn’t the oppression lasted long enough? I know. Everyone (allegedly) experiences oppression for one reason of the sort. Unless you’re homosexual, this is an oppression you may or may not relate to. We aren’t the plague of the martial estate. We aren’t the All Seeing Eye plotting and waiting for the right moment for global conquest. It simply boils down to being human: anatomically one in the same. Yet we face ridicule because we don’t have an attraction to the opposite sex. It’s disgusting. To treat anyone like that is disgusting. Rather they are homosexual or not. The lack of compassion for humanity seems like that moment you see dark clouds swirling before the vortex connects the ground to the sky: despairing.

Wanting to be acknowledged as an equal counter part of mankind is not an agenda. It shouldn’t even be a discussion to be quite frank and that’s the sad part. That we even have to discuss the fact that there is pure hatred for (in most cases) unknown individuals just because of what they like. I’ve asked this question and never still to this day have received a sound answer so I’ll ask again: “Why does it matter who a person likes?”

This isn’t for individuals that are supportive and fighters for equality in all of it’s aspects. This isn’t for the parent’s that don’t kick their teenage child out for revealing their sexuality. This is for those that murder transgendered individuals for the mere fact of being transgendered. This is for those that brutally and fatally assault those for being homosexual. Don’t think because you feel you’re close to a higher being that you’ll actually experience ascendance to heaven by having such hatred in your soul. I’m not saying you have be okay with the fact that someone may like the same sex. I am saying you don’t have to invalidate their right to exist. We are all human and no one deserves to be dehumanized, attacked, and subjected to a living horror all because of a sexual preference or being born in the wrong body.

  • Alex N. Wanderland