Black Unicorn

The emancipation was said to be a declaration, ending a period in which inhumane acts based on color would be dismantled. Yet today, reality, impure and imperfect, displays no gap in time in which shackles have truly been demolished. Officers of the law, sworn to perfect and serve, brutalize individuals with skin darker than those with European features: forcing me to swallow the fact that my black doesn’t matter. I’m told to forget. Decades have long passed since the marches of equality. Since Civil Rights was a movement in which “we” got “what we wanted.” A ploy to create a blind eye from the truth that in the land of the “free” I’m truly not free at all.

There are still those in America that view me as a black unicorn: mythical. A parody. Something only seen on television, which might I add, is the only thing acceptable (with the exception of fabric and nail enamel) that can be colored. Ethnic skin continuously becomes second in line: From beauty, to fashion, to God given rights. I must forget these things though because everyone is tired of hearing about the oppression before me that is not as bad as it is back in the day (the oxymoron). “Not as bad.” It’s okay since it’s not that bad? Yet I’m FORCED to NOT forget (what some speculate as a conspiracy) nine-eleven. I’m believed NOT to be a contender of beauty because mainly those with European features are advertised.

It’s baffling to me that I have to feel ashamed about speaking on a topic that is so easily displayed because of how uncomfortable it makes all involved in the discussion. It’s okay for it to be done, just not okay to talk about it? Yet how do you acknowledge things when you keep sweeping them under the rug? How do you uncover the truth when the truth is constantly buried and covered with the notion that I’m over-reacting due to the small advancements in our society? The misconception that “I Have a Dream” was only about A DREAM is what makes this society, to be frank, FUCKED UP!  The notion that it is about the advancement of color, black color, a considerable threat to European counterparts, is what makes this society FUCKED UP.

The separation of our equality is what drives this easily obtainable beverage of superiority to be consumed at a gargantuan rate.  That’s already a flawed process: doing things for your own benefit. Instead of operating in which all can benefit from your excellence, secret agendas form in order to validate that “I, my people, we reign supreme.” You’re not the next supreme but a small molecule that possess the ability to aid in the advancement of a bigger organism: mankind.

This world will never be peaceful as long as we continuously segregate ourselves with various shields. You can never fully reach your optimal capacity when you operate with the sole motive of doing things if it only advances and enhances you and your people. If you truly wouldn’t give the shirt off of your back simply to help someone who truly needed it than you’re not human but a cancerous cell. You certainly shouldn’t even be speaking about “All Lives Matter” either.

So yes, I’ll be a black unicorn: mythical and mystical since the day I was born. Possibly unreal to those who are unwilling to see: maybe even unworthy to some to exist. I’ll still fight for not myself but for us because even though you decided that I’m not be worth it, I chose to believe that without coexisting we ALL will be doomed and subjected to the horrors of self-destruction. I will exist rather you like it or not just as well as you. Make no mistake however it’s asinine to be shocked at revolution when oppression is so despairingly bountiful.

  • Alex N. Wanderland