Don’t Police My Love

It use to be (still is for some) considered taboo to meet and/or date someone via the internet and, thank to technological advances, now we have apps to include. The potential of danger can be frightful. The amount of individuals that catfish now is quite perplexing. It really makes you question the presentation someone displays of themselves. Are they real, or are they not: that is the question. I’ll admit there are some concerns. I will also admit that from my personal experience (and hearing others) it doesn’t always in a horror story. Some people do quite in fact find love in a “hopeless” place.

Personally, I think dating apps/online dating can be a great gateway for individuals to meet. There are various circumstances in which individuals may possibly turn to this way of connecting with others. They could be shy. They experience decreased anxiety from the thought of rejection. They could work two jobs and have little time (or desire) to go out to clubs, bars, or other social venues/events. Maybe they’re trying something different since the “traditional” way has failed them. The point is, you never really know someone’s logic until you ask them.

“You shouldn’t look for love on a dating app. You’ll never find anyone serious. All people want is sex.” – Numerous of people

To be frank, there is some truth to the aforementioned quote. SOME people do only want just sex. SOME people only want casual, consistent dealings with another. That’s perfectly fine. They’re certainly entitled to that and we should respect that despite our own views.   It is not our place to tell others on where and how they should find love because of our own experiences and/or traditions. To categorize and assume every individual may be like that is unfair to those whom truly want something more substantial and a disservice to you.

I feel like that’s the problem with society. Some people are always, for some unknown reason to me, trying to tell you what you should be doing. Some want you to conform to a standard they believe is the right way and should be the only way. I’m not here, nor do I in real life, tell people how and where they should find love. It’s conformity on an aspect of my life that I feel should be limitless. The possibilities and the bounds of love are limitless to me. I’m also not here to change anyone’s thoughts on the matter. If you feel internet dating/dating apps are evil and have no place in the realm of love, than more power to you.

For those of us who don’t mind being taboo, continue to explore the various avenues of love unapologetically. This is YOUR journey. This is YOUR life. It’s YOUR story to write. It’s YOUR love to dictate how you want to express it and who you wish to express it with. I will say be cautious. Unfortunately there are some people who get their rocks off playing with the minds and hearts of others. The internet and dating apps can be quite the patri dish to culture these biohazards. ALWAYS trust your gut. NEVER be apologetic of cancelling and/or removing yourself from a situation you feel has the potential to be unsafe. You are your own guardian. Be careful of who you allow to share yourself with: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. HAVE FUN! Don’t be afraid to love in “hopeless” places because even in the shade flowers bloom. Create your own path in this world. What will your story entail?

  • Alex N. Wanderland