Moons Of Jupiter

I sought out the happiness I lost by trying to explore the moons of Jupiter and their inviting allure. I hoped in the midst of the cosmic dust, I would possibly find sparkling eyes of trust. Limitless, raw, unapologetic adore. To forever be true. Eclipse. Solar flares. Black Holes and all. While the mission seemingly impossible continued exploration, I lost something priceless. Never once thinking that what would happen when I uncovered the intangible. It left me flightless. Caught up in feeding your desires. Too busy with your dreams mine fell apart. Yet knowing all these things I frantically rescued you from the pool of despair you splashed in desperately seeking air: seconds away from being claimed by heartache. I powered forward in my spaceship, putting aside all my fears and past transgressions. As I beamed down and reached my arm out I wasn’t greeted with the same intentions.  It was as if your Lo was trying to swallow my Europa. I had no Ganymede or Callisto to protect me from your barbaric asteroids of infidelity and eclipsing lies. Deceived once again even far from the Earth in which I left in hopes of finding something more.  I suppose that’s my fault for wanting to love beyond the stars. Escaping physically unscathed, beaming myself back to “Cupid’s Arrow.” Hurting because as much as I didn’t want to I had to create a distance between us. Light years. Maybe one day I’ll return or how about just finding another that won’t require me to travel beyond the moon only to have their Supernova heart be halted by neutron degeneracy resulting in rebounding implosions of confusion and melancholy. So I continue. Coasting. No longer wishing to explore the moons of Jupiter but hoping some where in this universe I can finally be in a position where my all is cherished: A place, where Shakespearean romance isn’t just something in books but practiced like common law.

  • Alex N. Wanderland