Love Thorns

When it rains it pours

Like blood dripping down your fingers after being pricked by a torn

Beautiful to view and inhale

Undisclosed disclaimers of the potential blood shed

Wondering why the love you provided went from enchanting to devastating

Mystical things transforming to demented beings

When it rained

I got soaked

The lies of standing under your umbrella was a joke

You see it’s not such much that the heart shattered

It’s the fact that you stepped on the pieces even further

Over and over

Like a fool I grabbed super glue and tried to work things through

I can’t stand the rain

Wrapped in covers trying to hide the pain

Forcing smiles to prevent questions of “What happened?”

Forcing myself to reluctantly move on when it was suppose to be forever

Yeah when it rains it can bring gloomy skies of melancholy

The important thing to remember is the sun will always shine

And with rain brings a chance for the heart to bloom

Another chance to heal from the thorns of lost love and false truths

  • Alex N. Wanderland