Scattered Star Showers

As the bliss ended

Hearts were sunken

Dismayed at the failed projection of forever they predicted

Or shall I say that I predicted

Maybe I fell too hard

Swept from the Earth beneath me into charming arms

He was everything I dreamed could be

The multifaceted being that was so far from manufactured

Too good to be true that it couldn’t be factual

He was the dream

A cascade of romance falling from a hearts waterfall

Flowers floating in a summer breeze in euphoria

Yet when the sun rose, our paths shifted

No longer intertwining in perfect harmony

Maybe it was I: too domineering

Opinionated beyond belief, and stubborn as can be

Whatever it was, it transpired

Evaporated as if it was a short spell casted from black magic

Too good to be true means it’s probably not

Unbelievably naive which is none other than my fault

The stars fell, and my world crumbled

Snapped back to reality that lust is not love

A lesson in humility if I ever knew one

I’m sure the stars will scatter again

With the right conditions for a love storm