Walking Disaster

I look in the mirror only to hear your words

Seeing a distorted reflection from the aftermath of shattered love

Mindless glances from being engulfed in depression

From the top to the bottom, no longer being your obsession


Flightless went the soaring heart that was once complete

Only now to have a tune of skipping beats

Over and over replaying

Moments of tears splashing against the pavement

Tossing and turning in bed because we’re now nevermore

Now a walking disaster whom knows no love

Star filled skies consumed with a sadistic life

Capturing the attention of those with potential

Dismissive as the scars of us are a constant reminder

Desolate is the warmth of my soul due to ignored sirens



Never enough to be the beacon amid your sea of adore

Reluctantly bitter sweet as I close the doors

I look in the mirror to hear your words

Screaming as the thought of us haunts me

Enraged due to giving you my best

Numerous attempts but failed the various test

Fed up to the point where destruction is all I wish

The image of what happens when love knows no bliss


  • Alex N. Wanderland