The Solace In Heartache

They say get over it. Stop reliving that moment your heart was shattered. Yet when the lights are out and you tuck yourself in, the thoughts silently creep in your mind replaying like haunted animation. You don’t necessarily intend to remember that specific moment: where it all went crashing down. You relish the warmth provided when someone was next to you. Holding you and/or you holding them. Lowered voices almost whispering sweet flights of fancy. Planning for a future in which you were oblivious would never transpire. Do you ever truly get over giving your all only to be left with a depleted heart? Do you never imagine sharing your journey of life with another again? Some of us like to act “bad ass” stating things like “I’m better off without them” which very well may be factual, but you can’t negate the fact that you picked that individual for a reason. You ultimately thought in that moment the relationship would be the end to a single world and the beginning of companionship. Unfortunately things don’t go as planned.  You give your all only to be left empty handed. Yet it is those moments that give the best validation that you are capable of going outside of yourself and being utterly unselfish. Maybe you did get over it. Maybe you didn’t. Just never stop giving your all because of what heartbreaking situations happened in the past. I can’t say that we ever truly get over something so perplexing as heartache. I do feel that we find ways to move on. At least I did. Love is only as worthless as you allow it. Personally, I’ve grown into analyzing every relationship I’ve been in. Not because I can’t move beyond them but to truly aid me in my next relationship. I reflect on what I truly want, need, and desire. I continuously ask “what makes me happy?” I also devote my energy to not only evolving into a better individual which will also pave way to evolving into a good counterpart as well. Love, along with life, is all about trial and error. Sometimes we get it right the first time, others it takes several trials. Never be discouraged to experience the trials of love and life for that is what molds us to be indomitable and on a path of constant evolution.

  • Alex N. Wanderland