Heartless Snowfall

I loved when the snow fell. White diamonds sparkling on black velvet. The birth of a New Year proved to bring new hopes and dreams. True it was you, or maybe it was the thought of you; a future. Us. Fading to dust. The warmth once provided was no longer to shield me from the frost. Like a centerpiece in a snow globe, I stood still as things began to shake and swirl. Suspended beyond comprehension. Helpless to fight for affection. The burn of lust continuously blazed through your heart and I mistakenly tried to change the tricks of an old dog. At the dawn of Spring, I listened to the birds sing and I knew it was the melody that would empower me to leave. While I never wanted to forget the memories of our snow fall, I knew it was time to allow the flowers of my heart to bloom. Maybe I’ll suffer in a unexpected drought, drown in heavy downpour, or something else horrific. After the season of love changed so unexpectedly, I’m forced to whither the storms you created to reconstruct the damaged pieces into something evolved beyond the hurt and anger.

  • Alex N. Wanderland