Savings Of Love

I saved for years

Believing that the past would stay hidden

Allowing myself to carry concealed burdens

Praying that maybe someday I would be allowed to take a load off

It came, it went, and all the things hidden appeared again

I continued to save for yet another rainy day

Telling my soul that it would meet its yang

Two could coexist in unity beyond the social norms

Masculine and feminine would be overshadowed by massive personas

We’d never want to leave and when we did it would be constant misery

Fights leave me with my head against the door

Unknowing you’re on the other side contemplating

Leave me, be with me, and build foundations of romantic envy

Yet fear has a way of enforcing barriers

A way of pushing apart mended entities back to their shattered start

So I continued to save

Remembering the days when we would fall endlessly into each others arms

Breathlessly coming up from the passion of our love

Laughing at the most trivial things

Escapades of spontaneous adventures


Walks through the park under moonlight and stars

All those things seem not to matter

Maybe one day my savings will allow me to buy

A one way ticket to the good and bad

Where I can stay, unpack, and breathe my last breath

A trip to your heart, the one place I always yearned to explore

  • Alex N. Wanderland