What We Dream

It’s always the fairy tale animations we project into our minds and try to play them in reality. Forcing ourselves to believe that what the cornea receives and the optic nerve translates are appropriate images for our mind to digest. We ignore the fumbles, possible heart crumbles, and we even cover mirrors that show reflections of ourselves in horror. We argue because we’re frustrated, depart because we’re unappreciated, and fall to depths we continuously strive to find out just for once, or maybe again, to feel special. But they only want you for your best, enigmas when the dark clouds are over your head and oddly enough we continue to feed the minds of those whom only want to devour our soul and cultivate our hearts to add to their collection of jars. I can’t help but to want to try those frightful things with you: to try to be your everything even if the candles flicker and completely blow out from gust of heavy winds.

  • Alex N. Wanderland