Shattered Glass 

What is the love we dream? What if it came to be? What if it didn’t? Would the inability to settle down and share your life with someone destroy you? Would having the ability to do such a thing destroy you? Often times I hear all my flaws have been accepted only to find that there are conditional circumstances that definitely weren’t made knowledge. Only to be blindsided , the moment when shit hits the fan. Generally, at this point in time, transgressions are unable to be reconciled. Apologies are really realized for what they’re worth: nothing. Empty promises for change only to revert and resubmit he very things that poisoned your being. Or everything that you’ve ever heard derogatory about you is true. You’re really are over-analytical, obnoxiously controlling, domineering, sarcasms father, and, among other things, the reason why all your relationships have failed. You’re the scandal: the poison apple to ever happily ever after you’ve fathomed to make tangible. Reflections are hard, yet needed. Sometimes we don’t always like the man in the mirror. Sometimes the glass needs to shatter
– Alex N. Wanderland