Roller Coaster

What I placed in his hands was something I considered invaluable. To be cherished as life itself. It was life itself. One of it’s kind. While not the first of it’s kind, it was undoubtedly unique for no one had such as thing as me. Strong. Near indomitable.  Mishandled previously before. Too trusting to warm eyes and whispers of adore. This treasure would give it’s all in hopes to simply exist in your world. To be the beacon you could always see shall you ever get lost. To be the Champion in which no one could challenge our bond. Only I found myself being the fool after I realized that I could create no more excuses for such mistreatment. I could no longer allow such invaluable treasures to endure such misfortune. Thoughts plagued with replays of your sexual escapades. Imagining how you would feel if the shoes were on the other foot. If I dared rebelled against myself becoming the very thing that caused me pain and disgust. To fuck someone else and look someone in the eyes and tell them I love them. What would such things solve, up-and-down emotional roller coasters only to delay the verdict. The inevitable. The season finale. How YOU will eventually become only a lesson learned. Figments of the distant past. A dodged bullet. Soon to be wishing YOU never let such a good thing slip through your hands. The very hands I thought would cherish such an invaluable heart. No longer a roller coaster of love. Now wishing to move forward. This couldn’t possibly be the love that was meant to be my last breath. Impossible to be the romantic final destination. Oddly enough through the pain I found my emancipation. No longer consumed with hoping someone will love me as much as I love them. You live and you learn. Now you know that riding a roller coaster at a low budget theme park will bring more headaches than you signed up for.

  • Alex N. Wanderland