Love Thesis

If I were you, than yes it would be true: we would undoubtedly follow the same rules. Since you are not I, there is the unmistakably known: we couldn’t possibly have to travel the same road. So why is it, when we see the things that exist in a realm in which is not normal to us, we question it’s right to exist? As if, your standards and definitions of what should be normal are the template for those of the land to follow. As if you’re the creator that governs what should be and what should not.

Love, is only as limitless as the two individuals in which share it’s bond allow it to be. Not the outside forces that are, without question, not a “one-for-all” criteria to follow. Some people are traditional, some are the first of its kind. Rather defined or still being written, what is it to you if it’s not regarding the love you share with another? Some shame others for how they share their love with their partner: not because it’s toxic, not because it hasn’t lasted for a rather extended period of time, but because it’s something THEY consider to be unworthy of existence therefore deducing it as “not a true relationship.”
One could never possibly truly love more than one person at the same time? One should never have a threesome in their relationship? One should never post half naked pictures of themselves on social media while in a relationship? One should not flirt? One should dress respectable at all times? One should never consider a bisexual person as a partner because they’ll undoubtedly switch sides eventually? One should never date or consider a stripper (current or former) seriously? I’m sure we could pile on quite a few more things in which one “should never” do in THEIR relationship.


I will suggest what one should do: allow yourself to be embraced by the one in which allows you to be unapologetically yourself. That protects your energy. Who cherishes your vulnerability. One should be TRUTHFUL with themselves as to what they TRULY desire: NOT what others desire FOR THEM! Be fearless in how you express your love but do not be unwise that for some, you may be considered “taboo.” THAT IS OKAY! It’s perfectly fine not to be everyone’s “cup of tea.” If anything it could be arguably favorable. While you may feel you’re in a “minority population” because you “can’t seem to find that right person,” rest assured, love has no set time in which it must arrive. Be steadfast and CONSISTENT with your energy and presentation and always remember: love is only as limitless as the bond between two individuals. You define how you love and how you may wish to share that love.  You’re the only limit that exist.

Alex N. Wanderland