Red door 

The red door: a gateway to an individually unique multiverse. Untold secrets and unspoken desires waiting to be manifested. A consistent hypnotizing beat can be heard: the very pattern that keeps the life flow. Yet as strong as it is, it’s conversely fragile. If you pull too hard on the red door, you may break the handle. Unfortunately very few dame to be careful. Only wishing to capture the secret treasures. The very essence that causes you to breathe: waiting for the moment your soul can be willingly released. Enchanted by their charming demeanor. Smitten by the dazzling smile they shimmer. Once more opening your red door unsuspecting of how quickly the light can escape into darkness. Green seas turn blue. Tears like waterfalls seem to drown you. No matter how hard you tried to escape, doubt of finding another plagued you. The love you dreamed was nothing more than devilish apparitions disguised in all your unspoken desires. You think you would have learned the first time around:To keep your red door closed. To learn to travel the multi-facets of your being alone. Yet there you were, trying to step outside of yourself: to be the thing that isn’t broken with unfathomable baggage. Trying to release the thought that you’re better off alone only to be proven just such. Maybe it’s finally time to keep the red door shut. Permanently. Only to be treasured by its owner. Never to be shared with another. Returning to the Earth as empty as the ground that swallows you. Possibly morbid but better than dealing with the constant failures. Love has proved to be unfavorable and certainly can be lived without: even if deep inside we truly want our red door to be opened by unconditional love. 

– Alex N. Wanderland