No Prince Charming

He was patiently waiting for a Prince Charming. A champion that welcomed the fearful. Someone that challenged his intellect and charged his soul, igniting his being like never before told. His heart was broken more than you probably would ever know for his emotions are encased in a fortress in which he so vigorously guards from others. Yet he never gave up on the thought of spending his last breath with his one true love. To journey the world accompanied by unconditional companionship. Someone that made him feel so safe that they’d become his walking journal. They would be so in-tune to his energy you would think they were psychic how they predicted not only his motions but the very electrical impulses that fire to formulate words that escape his mouth: completing them before he even could. It would ultimately be the best decision he ever made, to fall helplessly in love with another, forever. Yet as the days turned to months and years, nothing seemed to work navigating the realm of love. It was as if he was either “too good to be true” or never good enough. Infidelity. Hidden motives. Honestly and truly you would think it was an episode of Scandal. As many times as he thought of ways of how to get away with murder, he simply left with the little dignity he had and swept up his heart like scattered shattered glass. It had to be him, right? Good looking, smart guy: why else would so many attempts at love fail? The perfection is only subjective and if one is humble there is no such thing as perfect and that is what he learned from all the failed lessons. He was so patiently waiting and welcoming, that the very sheep in wolves clothing transformed fantasy into reality: something he was not prepared for or even capable of detecting. It was not necessarily a negative thing either. You see, he needed to see that there can be perfection in the imperfections and doing so caused him to realize that he really didn’t appreciate or love himself. So busy willing to be anything anybody wished him to be: like some kind of genie. A genie he had to stop being. To love himself he needed. When he did, his mind expanded, no longer tolerating the mundane culture standards or patiently waiting, or even waiting at all, and it was in that moment the universe gave a new experience. A love that was refreshingly unorthodox, transpiring in a highly unexpected way. Allowing him to no longer think of the darkness that made him feel as if love would never warm his soul. He is no Prince Charming but that is what makes him so real.

  • Alex N. Wanderland