Priority I

When the reflection in the mirror is that of others, we relenquish the ability to be individuals. We succumb to the darkness of those who wish for our demise. Believing all the lies planted like inception, distorting the dimensions we built and vowed to protect. Failing to acknowledge the greatness that is within. Trying to fit in to spaces that are not meant to be inhabited by the energy we encompass. So afraid to open up the cage because for so long you were told, flight is only a fantasy your wings will never know.

When the refliction embodies all of you and your wildest dreams, you smile and believe. Even when the sky seems to fall or the world never seems to stop. There is hope. You never succumb to the waitlist of others, because you’re priority number one. The tenacity that exudes from your pores. Defying the shackles society, the world, trying to bestow upon your existence. You’ve battled. Lost. Won. Scars to showcase the encounters you’ve faced upon your never ending journey to evolve into the tangible visions of your dreams. Making yourself the best because waiting is not an option, and you owe it to yourself to be all that you can be.  All the things they said you would never be. All the things you’ve dreamed.

  • Alex N. Wanderland