Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty: why have they forsaken you? Why have they lied to us? Why do they treat us like we are beneath them? Why do we not deserve equality? Why do we not deserve a quality education? Why did they create and sustain systems to deny us of becoming the ground breaking individuals we were born to be? Why do they not hear our voice?

Why is it that my voice always seems to come across as “angry?” Not that I wouldn’t have a right to feel angry: not only am I human but I do believe we’ve all experienced anger before. Yet when I voice my concerns about feeling unacknowledged, overlooked, underestimated, under-served, or targeted; I’m instantly faced with a fabricated mirror that reflects “I’m the issue.” I should be “lucky” that I even made it this far (as if I’ve made it far) and that I should hold my tongue until asked upon.

Everyone tells you that there are safe spaces wherever you go, to voice your opinion or emotions, until that opinion or emotions don’t correlate to the masses as favorable. Suddenly you’re unfavorable and deemed an enemy of Lady Liberty, and self-proclamations of the various ways paved for you: the “various ways paved” by roads they won’t even allow you to take. We have to be twice as better. I have to be twice as better. For what? To be surrounded by the very individuals they say are inherently better than me, cheat and sloth their way to the top? Over ME: twice a better, three times a better, only to receive scraps from underneath the table like the dog they feel I am.

Lady Liberty: where did you go? From sea to shining sea, I thought the good would be crowned with brotherhood, yet the only welcoming received has been stares of disdain and always the least, or non-existent, of the bare minimum. We can’t even get the BARE FUCKING MINIMUM: to be treated and RESPECTED as fellow human beings. We have to prove we are of value in order to be acknowledged and generally, it is we who help build the CEO’s that harvest large salaries only to do nothing for the community. Not just a community. Their community. Not for Lady Liberty, but for world to be erased of diversity and color.

It’s exasperating at this point. Having to constantly fight to be in spaces so many try to keep you out of. They say they’re welcoming yet every-time I come around there’s nothing but cold shoulders and eyes looking you up and down with expressions of privilege. Yet, I’d be wrong if I were to bring a bitch to front street and call bullshit. Well it is bullshit. It’s bullshit that at every corporation I’ve worked at, you can count the people of color. Yet you’re on a “team” with non-people of color that LITERALLY are okay with being paid the same amount as you and being lackluster: AT BEST! They do nothing to exude the expand the company’s core values, yet they’re still employed. Still sitting next to you running their mouth about the sports game that happened the previous Sunday. Yet the moment you make ONE mistake, one wrong opinion, one moment of becoming to “loud” or deemed “combative” and you’re written up.

Yet I’m wrong for wanting the same opportunities: EQUALITY! I’ve played being nice, meek, passive-aggressive, but Lady Liberty, I wish I still believed that you were the beacon of hope and tangible dreams from sea to shining to sea for thousands, millions, of people looking for such. Look at you though: YOU’RE A FUCKING MESS! You’re a wreck, a disappointment, and not for nothing, I’m ready to fight. PERIOD! You will not dress this land up like it’s for everyone when everyone can’t even uphold the very values they allegedly hold so damn dear. You WILL NOT CONTINUE TO LIE IN MY FACE GIRL!

It’s unacceptable because if I provided the very things I’m given and continue to see with my very eyes, it would be unacceptable. To be low performing is not acceptable. To be careless at what you do is unacceptable. To be racist, unkind, dishonest: is UNACCEPTABLE. To live off of tax payers money and don’t even have the gratitude to give back to the communities, is unacceptable. Get your shit together Lady Liberty before you lose more people that once believed in you.


  • Alex N. Wanderland