Demons To Angels


The forecast of the end was unforeseen

Predictions of a blissful future now obsolete

Enlightening charmer turned into alluring devil

Many try to escape but resistance is futile

It’s a pain watching such frightful animation

Being apart of it you can imagine is nothing but torture

Unless you’re the fuel behind the engine of destruction

Yet even with the knowledge individuals still inquired

Wanting to be devoured into satisfaction yet still remain intact as an angel

Not knowing once upon a time the fallen were the righteous


Blissfully sorrowing to save the day of any that may have fallen

Always putting myself after others

Being the last in happiness with no gratitude shown for my sacrifice

Loving beyond measure only to be told such things aren’t good enough

The forecast was unforeseen

Drowning sorrow in alcohol and drugs

Subduing emotions while suppressing the memories and thoughts of love

Casual encounters filled with temporary pleasures and non-restored trust

Never would I have imagine the pain would seep this far

Yet that’s not an excuse to bring others to the bottom

Leaving a bitter taste all because of ones inability to take the high road

The forecast was unforeseen

Yet I found the light before I couldn’t return from the darkness

Reconstructing the shattered pieces so many left without a thought

Finally ready to turn all my demons to angels once more

  • Alex N. Wanderland






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