They say it does a body good and with curiosity dancing in my thoughts, eager to know if I’ll ever know the truth, adventures manifested well after I realized I was down the rabbit hole. Reluctantly enchanted. Incapable of restraint. For once in my life I wanted to feel alive; unbothered by the need to be perfect.  After searching, conversing, finally provoked beyond the point of uncontrollable lust, my appetite for flesh became more than I ever could have imagined. I prepared myself for what would arrive in the near future. I replayed in my mind numerous times: images of silhouettes intertwined, being devoured in desire. If I wasn’t prepared earlier, I certainly was now and not a moment sooner, the chimes of arrival sang the melodic tune I had been anxious to hear. It was the cinematic moment when your eyes first meet and magically, the scene freezes and everything seemingly fails to exist. In that moment, amber rays beamed into my soul, I knew I had to touch the forbidden fruit. I could tell in his eyes that he definitely wanted to touch mine. The mood was charmingly laid back: soft lighting from the jasmine and lavender candles and studio track lights. Soft music, movie on mute, wine, and also some herbal. As our conversation grew deeper, clouds swirled above and around us. Loud filled our bodies, laughter was exchanged as common interests were discovered. My mind became more stimulated and so did my body. The thought of tasting everything except the wine and ganga was becoming unbearable. Resistance was futile at this point and it was time to roam the world of pleasure. We did, roam each others world that is. His, filled with crevices as if they were carved out by Adonis himself. Eyes that symbolized the twinkling stars at night: Hypnotic, mesmerizing, and totally capable of captivating your soul. Skin that could radiate the darkest of caves. Everything about this world I was ready to explore. Juicy lips. Phat gluteus and we won’t even mention the eggplant. The arousing smell of it. The precisely trimmed lawn that surrounded it. Perfect for the art of fellatio. How it swelled as my tongue played on the shaft and head before being swallowed. As the symphony continued, hitting the ganga in-between catching my breath and swallowing ten inches, the reward, his milk, unexpectedly splashed my tonsils leaving behind a sweet and salty trail. I couldn’t help but to get every last drop, licking my lips in a fashion even the most greedy individual couldn’t. It wasn’t suppose to end like this: I was in desperate need of having my world turned upside down in all of the most illicit ways possible. l’ll have to get my soul snatched another day, but I will say, the milk certainly did taste good.


  • Alex N. Wanderland