The frustration experienced every day could almost be predicted before vocalized: it’s that monotonous. Unchallenging. Certainly far from entertaining. So unamused, most of the day is spent, creating a new world in which you’re everything you’ve dreamed of. A moment in time where your dreams truly did become a reality. Everything went according to plan. You slayed. Eliminated all opposition and currently reign victorious in your conquest. Yet the uncertainty of reality shatters your momentary cinematic debut, not everything goes accordingly to plan as we all know.

The frustration though. Sometimes unbearable. Yet, the focus should be and predominately is, on the positive. Doubt is an emotion we can’t always control. It shows up almost always uninvited. I mean, truly, who likes to doubt their capabilities or ability to excel in the way they envision? I’m inclined to believe there are bare minimal, if not, non-existent, individuals who like to experience such. We do though. Sometimes doubt can be the unwelcome overcast on what was forecasted to be a clear, sunny day.

Easier said than done, positivity has to continuously be in the forefront of the mind. If the destination in which was designated to be reached has yet to arrive, the obstacle is in the mirror. Do you not deserve the moment to be and feel your absolute best? Possibly today was a bad day, and let me tell you, there will be plenty of them. But you can unplug, and reset. Allow the positive affirmations to be restored in your mind. Remember that you’ve come this far because you have yet to give up. Each morning, you can be reborn, rejuvenated, and ready to rumble.


  • Alex N. Wanderland