Love Spell

I often imagine it unexpected. Refreshing me from being so restless. The fall in which I was finally caught. Head over heels consuming my thoughts. It’ll be the light in which I step into for freedom. Leaving behind the past transgressions: The empty promises I was told of a “Happily Ever After.” Unorthodox in fruition. Maybe we met on a blind date or what was meant to be just a hook-up. The passion will be breathless. Heartbeats synchronized whenever we are together. It’ll be the muse to my artwork: the song I sing for no reason whatsoever. An enlightening charmer if I ever knew one. Confident ways as if they know I’m not going anywhere. Offering more than physical satisfaction: transcending my mind and soul through another cycle of geneses and happiness. I’ll often imagine if they’re thinking of me. Missing the warmth I provide as the loneliness calls. If they know I’ll go to war if someone makes a tear from their eyes fall. To support and conquer. Rise and prosper. Fuss and fight. Never falling asleep without a kiss goodnight. I often wonder when the clouds above me will stop with the thunder? Is love cinematic and fictional or truly something of reality and tangible? Will my heartbeat skip when I see the sight of you or once again be stabbed and shattered by the disappointment of your whispers? I’ll be brave though. Optimistic that the seemingly impossible is possible. Totally unshielded for one to cast a love spell. Willing to jump in a sea of romance and be engulfed. I often wonder, yes I often wonder, what it will be like when our hearts finally find one another.


  • Alex N. Wanderland