Meet Alex N. Wanderland

Alex N. Wanderland  is an LGBT African-American Dayton, Ohio native who thinks of himself as a multifaceted individual. Very early in life, it was discovered that he had a creative mind. He attended performing arts schools from elementary to high school, majoring in instrumental music initially and later switching to dance. He also became the first male cheerleader at his high school (Stivers School for the Performing Arts) which led to other opportunities such as coaching across the nation for Elite Cheerleading INC. for two years while also becoming captain of his college cheerleading team as a Sophomore. As if those creative outlets were not enough, Alex has always been drawn to writing.

I feel with writing you can create various dimensions, characters, and multitudes of yourself. It can be therapeutic. Liberating. ANYTHING your mind can imagine. It is essentially limitless. Writing can be interpreted and styled in various ways. There’s just something magical about allowing your voice and all your emotions to be visualized without verbally speaking.

  • Alex N. Wanderland



Outside of writing, Alex currently works as a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) for a national PBM. Along with working, Alex continues to pursue the advancement of his academics and is currently taking college courses towards a degree. He maintains a cumulative 3.6 GPA and continues to uphold the requirements of his academic scholarship. Alex intends to obtain the required knowledge and experience to be able to hold additional credentials such as MLS, CLS, PA, or PharmD.

He has also started his journey in makeup artistry getting his first experience in the beauty industry with the global brand Make-up Art Cosmetics (M.A.C. Cosmetics). Among make-up artistry, Alex also pursues freelance writing and has recently been published in Urban Socialites Magazine.  He seeks to share his thoughts, opinions, life experiences, evolution,  and more.

I feel there is a disservice to oneself if one does not allow the space to be unapologetically authentic in their being, energy, and presentation. Ones existence should not be validated by their sex, intelligence, fame, fortune, color, or affiliations. We are human and that’s validation enough.

  • Alex N. Wanderland