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  Alex N Wanderland is a non-binary, same gender loving, African-American Dayton, Ohio native who's life has always seemed quite the adventure. During childhood, it was discovered that he had a variety of talents and abilities, which were cultivated by attending performing arts primary and secondary educational institutions. As he excelled in instrumental music, initially perfecting his craft as a Clarinetist, his father's love for jazz influenced him to learn how to play the keyboard as well, subsequently joining his school's Jazz Band. After auditioning and being offered acceptance at Stivers School for the Performing Arts, he discovered his natural abilities in the world of Dance. 

Studying under renowned professional dancers in Modern, Jazz, and Ballet, he was able to further excel his technique by obtaining multiple scholarships to attend the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company's "Summer Intensive" program. Becoming recognized for his dancing abilities, Alex was encouraged to explore the world of cheerleading, becoming the first male to do so at his high school. Doing so provided further opportunities for him after secondary education, becoming a coach for Elite Cheerleading INC. Additionally, among other creative and expressive outlets, writing has always been an escape from reality and another conduit used to allow imagination to be brought to life. 

While the performing and creative arts are something that Alex continues to enjoy and pursue, his love for science became a primary avenue of focus. He has over a decade of retail and specialty pharmaceutical experience and currently is employed as a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) for a national PBM. Additionally, he is employed as a makeup artist with the global cosmetics brand Make-up Art Cosmetics (M.A.C. Cosmetics). Alex also remains open to and pursues freelance writing, photography, and modeling opportunities. He has been published in  Urban Socialites Magazine and Black Aids Institute “Beyond The Quo” initiative. He has also worked with professional photographers such as “Mister N3K.”

Feeling incomplete, stagnant, and facing a professional plateau, Alex decided he would attempt to pursue his education once more. He was met with success, obtaining an Associate of Science in Biotechnology, graduating with honors. His pursuit continues as he formally will be completing his Bachelors of Science degree in Medical Technology as a Crimson Hawk.  He intends to obtain the required knowledge and experience to become a certified and licensed Medical Technologist/Medical Laboratory Scientist. 

Alex created Wanderland with the intent of providing a solace that didn't exist in his immediate world. It's a place where no regrets and no apologies are needed: a no judgement zone: a safe space. Ultimately, Alex seeks to share his thoughts, life experiences, evolution, creativity and more. He encourages individuals who are visiting, have been invited, or seek to become residents, to be open-minded. He hopes you enjoy the variety of work and thanks you in advance for taking the time to explore his digital Wanderland and its various dimensions.

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