Alex N Wander hails from the sector of the States formally known as Ohio. Exploring the realm of creative and performing arts while simultaneously diving deeper into expanding his academic knowledge, Alex accomplished many personal wondrous feats: winning multiple sciences fairs, becoming first chair Clarinetist, obtaining a contract to dance with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Second Company, choreographing, being the first male cheerleader at his institute of learning, being a cheerleading coach for Elite Cheerleading INC, and more. Such things inspired hope in Alex that he was capable of achieving what he felt was excellence. 


Present day, Alex pursues the advancement of both his academic and creative passions. His journeys and creations can be explored more in-depth by visiting: Higher Learning | The Academic Portfolio, The Academic Journal, and The Writings on the Wall.


How we see the future can dictate the reflection of how we see ourselves present day. If the future is not hopeful, how does one feel hopeful? How does one change the reflection in the mirror? One may have the ability of self-awareness and can thus implement plans to almost immediately begin to change their trajectory. Others may need external assistance and more time. In any event, time is relative in terms of your journey. Analyzing the mistakes of yesterday and determining what failed and what prevailed can aid in moving forward. The future version of yourself wants you to believe that you can achieve. You are capable of excellence. You are kindness in which you wish to see in the world. You harbor no hate for race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation. You are the future: what you do today can dictate the outcomes of the days to come. 


Wanderland is a digital safe space where individuality and creativity can roam. The content of this digital space are predominately created by Alex N Wander, unless otherwise credited as such. He encourages individuals who are visiting or have been invited to be open-minded. He hopes you enjoy the variety of his work and thanks you in advance for taking the time to explore his digital Wanderland and its various dimensions.

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